White Boarding

What is whiteboarding?  Could be technology, or a process, or could be confused with waterboarding. I wasn’t sure so I looked the term up and this is another case of a noun becoming a verb.  Start with a  flat white slick plastic wall mounted board that thinking+visual people use to plan projects or sketch venn diagrams.  You’ll need the markers  Stephen Colbert  likes to huff.

Transfer that tool online and the collaboration options expand.  Online discussion and brainstorming using the whiteboard option is productive.  Participants — especiallly those who are visual thinkers — can express ideas.  The talkers can keep on talking while the visuals outline the concepts and processes. This speeds up the synthesis of ideas explored by a group by moving key verbal expressions to a shared digital platform.   Distance learning classrooms have used online whiteboards for years in virtual classrooms.

Keep the on-the-wall whiteboard option with the markers for quick demos and individual schemas.  Add collaborative brainstorming tools for effective crowd creative sessions. 

Random Resources:  Dabbleboard    Thinkature   Whiteboarding 101

Why does diplomacy need to consider whiteboarding online?  Because  sometimes a sketched image conveys 1,000 words.  And it’s ever so useful when people don’t share a language or cultural framework.


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